Program Overview

New Perspectives for a New Era
Taking a lead from the poet and novelist Robert Graves, who noted that “the future is not what it used to be,” the planners of this conference sought to develop a program that would engage State Fund Members in reflecting on the future and thinking creatively about strategies that could serve their organizations well in the years to come. The conference will provide a forum for open discussion of important issues, opportunities to learn from experts, and time to network with colleagues from other State Funds.

The theme of the conference, “New Perspectives for a New Era,” indicates the intention of this year’s annual meeting. With major challenges facing institutions in the independent college sector—greater competition for students, pressures to cut costs, increases in financial aid, and the need to adopt new delivery methods—CIC member colleges and universities have begun to rethink their business models. And just as it is no longer “business as usual” for private colleges, the State Fund Members also are challenged to reconsider existing programs and to re-think how each consortium can have the most beneficial impact on its member colleges.

To encourage consideration of options for positioning (or re-positioning) a State Fund for greatest impact, the conference will include a facilitated Blue Ocean Strategy workshop, using approaches from that best-selling organizational development book. In addition to the workshop, the conference will provide participants with a range of sessions and programs featuring best practices and thought-provoking new ideas—supporting both professional and organizational development.

Participants also can look forward to kicking up their heels Monday night at the Country Music Hall of Fame, for the annual Awards Dinner. The evening will include the presentation of the 2015 Charles W. L. Foreman Award to a truly inspirational State Fund trustee who has had far-reaching impact on his State Fund, its member colleges, and their students.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 CIC State Funds Annual Conference!