Call for Proposals

Participating institutions are invited to develop presentations that showcase their programs for the intellectual and theological exploration of vocation. Proposals for 45-minute presentations by campus team members are welcome. Presentations may share effective practices, reflections on campus programs, or ideas emerging from NetVUE regional gatherings.
Proposals are invited for three general themes:
Enriching the Understanding of Emerging Adults
Undergraduates are shaped by a wide range of academic interests, life experiences, opportunities, religious engagements, and social and cultural forces. How can NetVUE campus leaders understand and address the diverse influences that affect students’ sense of spirituality, faith, and calling? How do NetVUE campus programs effectively engage emerging adults and develop common educational outcomes? NetVUE campus leaders are invited to share the way their programs address student needs and interests and the influences that shape students’ vocational discernment and practices.
Enriching the Effects of Campus Cultures and Programs
NetVUE campus leaders are invited to describe campus programs that develop vocational understanding and commitment, including their successes, failures, and continuing questions. How can undergraduates learn about vocation in ways that deepen their religious and spiritual lives as emerging adults while also cultivating meaning, purpose, and direction? What types of undergraduate curricular and co-curricular experiences weave vocation into the lives and learning of students and inspire continuing reflection for lives of meaning and service? How do modeling and mentoring by faculty and staff members influence students? What kinds of vocational discernment programs are most effective with limited resources? In what ways can institutions assess the effectiveness of their vocational programs?
Enriching Students’ Responses to the World
What is changing about the environments into which NetVUE graduates move after college graduation? What are NetVUE institutions learning about their graduates’ choices regarding further education, employment, personal affiliations, and service? In what ways are the campus vision for vocation and the actual experiences of graduates connected or unconnected? How can the education at NetVUE campuses prepare graduates to become people who are rich in purpose? NetVUE campus leaders are invited to describe current research and campus practices regarding the post-college transition into a changing world.

Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal

To propose a campus presentation for one of the concurrent sessions, please submit the following:
  1. A title that describes the topic or theme;
  2. A description of the proposed content (not to exceed one page); and
  3. The names and titles of those who will make the presentation.
Proposals should be submitted to Shirley Roels, CIC senior advisor for NetVUE, at The deadline for proposal submissions is November 12, 2012.