Digest of Recent Research

​​​​​​Published periodically, the Digest of Recent Research highlights timely research from scholarly journals and other publications with a focus on findings relevant to presidents and other leaders of independent colleges and universities. Edited by Matthew J. Mayhew, William Ray and Marie Adamson Flesher Professor of Educational Administration at Ohio State University, each Digest offers a brief summary of selected articles that includes a discussion of the findings and implications for action by the leadership of independent colleges and universities. John M. Braxton, professor of higher education at Vanderbilt University, served as editor for the first three issues. CIC is grateful to the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations for their support of this series.

The article​ summaries in the Digest of Recent Research are available separately on CIC’s website and each Digest issue also can be downloaded as a single document (PDF). For questions or comments about the Digest, please contact Jason Rivera, director of strategic research, at jrivera@cic.edu.

DIGEST NO. 9, September 2021

DIGEST NO. 8, January 2021

DIGEST NO. 7, January 2020

DIGEST NO. 6, June 2019

DIGEST NO. 5, October 2018

DIGEST NO. 4, June 2018

DIGEST NO. 3, August 2017​


Digest No. 1, November 2016