Katie Paysinger

Associate Producer, So You Think You Can Dance
Linfield College (OR) , Class of 2011
Katie Paysinger Headshot

​​Past experiences both in and out of the classroom at Linfield College continue to help me daily in my work as an associate television producer. A visual communication course I took my sophomore year solidified my desire to work in film and television production, which ultimately led me to land an internship at Dick Clark Productions in Los Angeles, which started immediately after graduation.​

I moved to Los Angeles not knowing a soul, but my experience at Linfield gave me the confidence and skills I needed to begin my life in Southern California. I turned the internship at Dick Clark Productions into a position as a freelance production assistant for the various awards shows the company produces, such as the American Music Awards, Golden Globes, and Academy of Country Music Awards. I have gone on to become an associate producer for network television, and I know the drive and determination established on and off campus at Linfield is what propels me forward in my career.
Linfield College instilled in me a multitude of skills, which I acquired inside and outside the classroom, like completing collaborative projects, researching information, and developing a strong work ethic. Linfield fostered a sense of creativity and efficiency that I use on a daily basis working in television. Perhaps even more important, the support system of lifelong friendships that I established at Linfield has pushed me to be more ambitious than I could have hoped. The Linfield community is not confined to the college’s picturesque campus, but has followed me to Hollywood.

Katie Paysinger has worked for So You Think You Can Dance, The X Factor, American Idol, and other television shows.
Paysinger grew up in Dayton, Oregon. After graduating from Linfield College with a degree in mass communication, she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in television producing.
Paysinger has acclimated to the heat of Southern California and quickly established a love for sunscreen. She traveled and studied abroad various times while at Linfield and aspires to continue traveling the world and producing television.