James Randall "Randy" Stocklin

Co-Founder and CEO, One Click Ventures
Franklin College (IN), Class of 2000
James Randall "Randy" Stocklin Headshot

​​Franklin College has affected my life in ways I never would have imagined as an 18-year-old freshman. From the individualized attention I received from professors to the opportunity to compete on a college tennis team, my liberal arts experience at the college played a key role in shaping the person I am today. Although I had placed a premium on the liberal arts experience when making my college decision, I had no idea just how big of an impact it would have on me both personally and professionally.​

The opportunity to build strong relationships with your professors is what had the biggest impact on me as part of the liberal arts experience. The professors took the time to get to know me as a person, not simply as a student. I always felt as though the professors at Franklin College genuinely cared about my success. They demonstrated this by making extra time for assistance with course material when I needed it. In addition, as graduation approached, I received invaluable advice regarding various job opportunities as I looked toward life after college. I believe a liberal arts experience is unique due to the personal relationships that can be formed in a smaller environment, and I will be forever grateful for the support I received from the professors at the college.
The intimate learning environment at Franklin College paid off not only when I was taking classes, but also as I started my career in the technology field. I immediately felt I was better prepared than many of my peers, especially when it came to relationship building and problem solving. These are two critically important skills, regardless of the career path one chooses. I am confident that my liberal arts education prepared me exceptionally well in both of these areas, and they have been instrumental in my career.
While the academic experience is unique at a liberal arts institution, so is the athletic experience. At Franklin College, I enjoyed a nice balance of competition and academics, while still being able to enjoy the overall college experience. My four-year journey as a college athlete taught me a lot about teamwork. I learned what it meant to build a team and work toward a common goal. For our group of seniors at Franklin College, the goal was a conference championship by the time we graduated. Our class was fortunate enough to accomplish this goal, and with this experience I learned lessons that I still apply as a leader today.
Making the decision to attend Franklin College was one of the single best life decisions I have made. The liberal arts experience at the college laid the foundation for the way I build relationships, solve problems, and work with others. I use what I have learned from my liberal arts education every day in both my career and personal life, and every day I’m thankful for what Franklin College has helped me achieve. 

James Randall "Randy" Stocklin is co-founder and CEO at One Click Ventures, a privately held online retailer that operates a network of market-leading brands. He is responsible for the overall leadership and strategic direction of the company. Since co-founding One Click Ventures in 2005, Stocklin has navigated the company through multiple acquisitions and extraordinary growth. Prior to co-founding One Click Ventures, he held a variety of technology positions in high-growth companies such as Digital Insight (VIFI), Angie’s List, and Aprimo. 
Stocklin graduated from Franklin College in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems.