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About the Workshop

Talking about Private Colleges logoCIC will host seven workshops on campuses throughout the country between September 2019 and November 2020. Talking about Private Colleges: Busting the Myths workshops will provide participants with accurate data and persuasive arguments about the value and impact of private colleges and universities—and prepare them to influence community opinion through informal conversations with friends, neighbors, elected officials, and local businesspeople. CIC member institutions are invited to send a team of 4–7 people selected by the president to one workshop. View more information about the workshop series.

The ideal team for this workshop might include:

  • The president;
  • At least one faculty member who is influential both on campus and in the local community; 
  • At least one member of the senior administration or staff who frequently interacts with the non-academic public; and (if possible)
  • At least one trustee who is an eager ambassador for the institution.

Every team should include people who are influencers, connectors, and effective communicators in the local community; these qualities are more important than specific campus roles.

Registration will not be considered complete until a full team is registered.

Space is limited and advance registration is required. Registration for the workshop at Wofford College closed on October 29, 2019. Other workshops have different registration deadlines.

There is no charge for the workshops, which are supported by the Henry Luce Foundation, EAB, Sage Scholars Inc., and Sodexo.

Host Institution

Wofford College logo  

Wofford College
Spartanburg, SC
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Registration deadline has passed.

Note: The workshop will be held in the Harley Room of the Richardson Physical Activities Building, located near the center of the Wofford campus.

Participants are responsible for their own lodging if they plan to stay overnight. The host institution recommends the Spartanburg Marriott and AC Hotel Spartanburg.