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Each year since 1985, State Councils have received grants from the CIC State Councils Endowment to provide UPS Scholarships to every private college and university in the State Fund network. The scholarships are given in the name of UPS, whose financial support was the basis for the endowment. Over the years, over $50 million have been awarded in scholarship grants to CIC State Councils for the benefit of more than 18,000 deserving students at independent colleges across the country.

The scholarships vary in size from year to year based on market conditions and investment returns. For the 2016–2017 academic year, 543 private colleges and universities received a $2,600 UPS Scholarship. Each scholarship is awarded to one need-based student whose background reflects one or more of the components in the target population of top priority to the UPS Foundation and to CIC’s First Opportunity Partners program.

Application Instructions

​The Council of Independent Colleges does not accept applications for the UPS Scholarship; the grant funds are sent to the CIC State Councils, who in turn distribute the UPS Scholarships to their member colleges. If you are a student at a CIC State Council affiliated college or university, please contact your institution's financial aid director for more information.