Securing America's Future Workshop - Adrian College 9/29/2016 9/29/2016 9/29/20169/29/20169/29/20169/29/2016 Adrian, MI

About the Workshops

​​​Workshop Goals

1) To promote a better understanding of key trends, challenges, possible solutions, and other innovations identified during CIC’s Project on the Future of Independent Higher Education. The central question of this initiative was, “How can independent institutions respond to potentially disruptive changes in society, the economy, and the academy without compromising the core characteristics of independent colleges that have assured the delivery of a high-quality education in the past?”
2) To share compelling research and resources about the power of the liberal arts and the effectiveness of independent colleges and universities to support access and excellence in higher education, as gathered and distilled by CIC’s public information campaign, Securing America’s Future: The Power of Liberal Arts Education.
3) To provide an opportunity for presidents, other senior administrators, and faculty leaders to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of institutional changes, including potentially disruptive shifts, in a collegial setting. Thoughtful discussion about the future of individual institutions and the independent sector as a whole lies at the heart of these workshops.
4) To provide resources that will help participants continue the conversations begun during the workshops with colleagues and other stakeholders on their own campuses. Resources will include examples of mission-driven innovation in the areas of academic programming, business models, and finance; fresh arguments for the liberal arts; and strategies to build on recent research findings.
5) To gather and share with other CIC members information about promising innovations and effective practices. 
6) To mobilize participants to assess active steps, reconsider business models in the context of each institution's mission, and implement sustainable changes for the future.

Who Should Participate?

All CIC member institutions are invited to send a team of three-to-five participants to any one of the workshops. The workshops may be especially appropriate for institutions that are considering new business models or other strategic initiatives and are prepared to reexamine aspects of their mission. Teams ideally will include the president, at least one other senior administrator (such as the chief academic officer, chief financial officer, or vice president for enrollment), and at least one faculty member who can take a leadership role in campus discussions and institutional change efforts.

Expectations of Participants

Background materials, including research reports commissioned or prepared by CIC, will be distributed in advance. Institutional teams are expected to read and discuss these materials prior to the workshop. The teams also should discuss how the institution would respond to the following questions, to be addressed during the workshop: What are the greatest challenges (and opportunities) facing the institution? How has the institution responded to the challenges—or how does it plan to respond to them? What innovative approaches have already been pursued by the institution, and how did they fare? What is the likely future of the institution if it does not change what it is doing now? What is the most desirable future for the institution, five or ten years from now? What are the obstacles and opportunities to make this future a reality?

Teams will leave the workshop with plentiful information about the effectiveness of independent higher education, especially in supporting the educational attainment of diverse students, with examples of mission-driven innovation that can be adapted to their own institution’s needs, and with the rudiments of an action plan to engage their campus colleagues in a purposeful conversation about institutional change and the future.

All sessions at the workshops will be confidential to encourage frank discussion among participants; however, CIC will prepare and disseminate a report on the themes and promising innovations that emerge from the workshops. Institutions also will be asked to share information about any new strategic initiatives that are launched as a result of workshop participation.

Sample Workshop Agenda



Welcome and IntroductionsWelcome and Introductions1Welcome from Host President<br>Goals of the Workshop<br>Introductions
Plenary Session: Challenges and OpportunitiesPlenary Session: Challenges and Opportunities2<p>​<span>Observers have identified a number of trends and forces, both internal and external to higher education, that have the potential to shape—or even disrupt—the future of independent higher education. These challenges fall into a number of categories, including cost structures, curriculum, demographics, facilities, marketing, public perceptions, regulations and accountability, and technology. Discussion questions may include: What are the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the independent sector of higher education? What are the greatest challenges, both internal and external, facing your institution? What is the most important challenge facing your institution?</span></p>
Lunch Session: Lessons from Recent CIC ResearchLunch Session: Lessons from Recent CIC Research3<p>​<span>This session will include: 1) A discussion of evidence gathered for CIC’s public information campaign, <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=8c30f580-60d3-4f8a-b075-8a20a7c4db97&TermSetId=165f7024-8fd0-4ac0-8b0c-3028f6a2845e&TermId=a58c0552-181e-45f9-9bd2-f8b0bb0ad171">Securing America’s Future: The Power of Liberal Arts Education</a>. This evidence demonstrates that smaller independent colleges and universities produce graduates who are among the best prepared for success in their personal, career, and community lives; the evidence also dispels persistent and false stereotypes about independent colleges. 2) A discussion of research findings developed as part of CIC’s <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=8c30f580-60d3-4f8a-b075-8a20a7c4db97&TermSetId=165f7024-8fd0-4ac0-8b0c-3028f6a2845e&TermId=c2665edc-7748-43cd-a37a-fdbd7e492b2a">Project on the Future of Independent Higher Education</a>. Copies of <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=8c30f580-60d3-4f8a-b075-8a20a7c4db97&TermSetId=165f7024-8fd0-4ac0-8b0c-3028f6a2845e&TermId=02137bbd-3d94-4aaa-a45e-82a1efde0ad7">research reports</a>, statistics, and other resource materials will be provided to participants in advance.</span></p>
Plenary Session: Innovation at Independent Colleges and UniversitiesPlenary Session: Innovation at Independent Colleges and Universities5<p>​What does mission-driven innovation look like at independent colleges and universities? What are the common attributes of innovative institutions? How do such institutions align their student-centered mission with the pursuit of alternative revenues and new cost structures? This session will begin with specific examples from institutions that have been especially active in mission-driven adaptation and change efforts. Participants will then share examples of innovations that have been pursued on their own campuses.</p>
Small Group Discussion: Thinking About the Future and Extending the ConversationSmall Group Discussion: Thinking About the Future and Extending the Conversation6<p>​As a planning exercise, teams will: 1) Discuss some desirable and achievable futures for their institutions. 2) Discuss <span>the best strategies to sustain and extend a conversation about mission-driven change among campus colleagues and other stakeholders. The goal of this session is a plausible action plan of next steps.</span></p>
Plenary Session: Wrap-upPlenary Session: Wrap-up7


Host president: Jeffrey R. Docking

Other confirmed presenters:
  • Christopher Morphew, Executive Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, College of Education, University of Iowa

Host Institution and Travel Information

Participants are responsible for their own lodging if they plan to stay overnight.* The host institution recommends the following hotel near the campus:
Holiday Inn Express
1077 U.S. Route 223
Adrian, MI
(517) 265-5700

Super 8 Adrian
1091 U.S. Route 223
Adrian, MI
(517) 265-8888

Carlton Lodge
1629 W. Maumee Street
Adrian, MI
(517) 263-7000
*If a sufficient number of participants plan to arrive the night before the workshop, CIC may organize an optional group dinner.