Return to NetVUE Homepage The 2021 NetVUE Big Read

​During the 2021 calendar year (during the spring or fall semester, or over the summer), staff and faculty members at NetVUE institutions are invited to read together Living Vocationally: The Journey of the Called Life. This new book, to be published by Cascade Books in January, is co-written by Paul J. Wadell, professor emeritus of theology and religious studies at St. Norbert College, and Charles R. Pinches, professor of theology at the University of Scranton. Both authors have been active in NetVUE programs and events, and both contributed to the first volume produced by the NetVUE Scholarly Resources Project (At This Time and In This Place: Vocation and Higher Education, published by Oxford University Press in 2016). But while that book (and other NetVUE-generated books) are intended primarily for educators, Living Vocationally is aimed at undergraduate students. The new book is expected to be useful in a variety of campus contexts, including academic classrooms, offices of career services or religious and spiritual life, and informal student reading groups.

NetVUE will provide a number of opportunities for faculty members and staff to become acquainted with the book. Activities that are being planned around this year’s Big Read include a future episode of the NetVUE podcast, a range of Zoom discussion groups at different times during the year, and a webinar with the authors during the upcoming cluster of virtual NetVUE events (March 18–20, 2021). Individuals at NetVUE institutions are welcome to read the book on their own and to participate in these virtual gatherings; however, NetVUE will directly support member institutions that develop local campus projects related to this year’s Big Read.

Toward that end, up to 20 free copies of the book will be supplied to those institutions that design a compelling program for faculty members, administrators, and staff to read the book in group settings (which may be virtual ones). Member institutions are invited to draft simple proposals (two pages maximum) that address the following five points:

  • A basic description of the institution’s plan for faculty members, staff, and/or administrators to read and discuss the book (including a tentative schedule for reading—whether during spring semester, over the summer, or during the fall semester);
  • The incentives and accountability structures that will be provided for campus participation in the group reading project and the number of participants that it can reasonably expect to attract;
  • Any planned campus activities related to the book (public lectures, sharing proposals for the book’s use in a future course, or other activities that might draw attention to the book among campus audiences beyond the reading group);
  • An indication of the institution’s planned financial support of its local Big Read project, which should be at least twice the cost of the books that NetVUE is being asked to provide (figured at $10 per copy requested); and
  • A brief description of how the institution will promote the Big Read and associated program activities (both on campus and network-wide), as well as a stated commitment to provide NetVUE with a one-page report on the institution’s experience of the program at its conclusion.

Each member institution may offer one proposal, which should be submitted by that institution’s NetVUE Campus Contact. Books will be awarded, and shipped directly in bulk to the Campus Contact, based on the proposal. To apply, the NetVUE Campus Contact should send a document (two pages maximum) in MS Word or PDF format as an email attachment to Lynne Spoelhof, NetVUE program manager, at Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, but projects must take place during the 2021 calendar year. Proposals should be submitted at least four weeks before the campus project is expected to begin (to allow adequate time for project approval and shipping).

Questions about the 2021 NetVUE Big Read may be directed to David S. Cunningham, director of NetVUE, at or (616) 395-6750.