The Arts: History, Theory, and Criticism

Information Fluency in the Disciplines Workshop

About the Workshop

​The 2017 Workshop in Information Fluency focused on The Arts: History, Theory, and Criticism and was held April 20–22, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is part of a series of workshops intended to help institutions move beyond information literacy in general education to information fluency in humanities majors.

These workshops are made possible through the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

This Workshop will guide teams in the creation of a comprehensive program to assist students in obtaining a better understanding of the availability, authority, and uses of relevant information resources in their upper-level courses in language and literature, including both print and online materials. The Workshop will provide guidance and time for each campus team to create a realistic and appropriate action plan that it will take back to campus. To this end, participants will learn about topics such as:
  • Best practices in faculty-librarian collaboration in helping students acquire information fluency;
  • The role of chief academic officers in promoting the teaching of information fluency across the campus;
  • New, online, and traditional resources relevant to the study of English and American language and literature;
  • Methods of evaluating the success of an information fluency program;
  • Effective uses of physical space and budgets to promote information fluency; and
  • Strategies for implementing change on campus.


Download the workshop agenda.

Campus Plans

Bay Path University
Butler University
Calvin College
Carroll College
Coker College
Daemon College
John Carroll University
Lindenwood University

Presentations and Handouts

Advances in Resources for Arts Education

Susan Barnes Whyte, Library Director, Linfield College, and Senior Advisor, CIC Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research
Kim Miller, Associate Professor of Art History and Women’s Studies, Wheaton College (MA)
Ben Harwood, Lead Instructional Technologist, Skidmore College
Gordon R. Thompson, Professor of Music, Skidmore College

Presentation Slideshow (Miller)

Presentation Slideshow (Thompson)
Presentation Slideshow (Whyte)
Presentation Handout 1
Presentation Handout 2

Giving Information Fluency Priority in the Library Budget

Tom Kirk, Library Director and Coordinator of Information Services Emeritus, Earlham College
Susan Barnes Whyte, Library Director, Linfield College and Senior Advisor, CIC Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research

Presentation Slideshow

Measuring Success: Strategies for Evaluating Information Fluency in Upper Level Courses and the Major

Richard O’Connor, Professor of Anthropology and former Director, Center for Teaching, Sewanee: The University of the South

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Planning for Change

Susan Perry, Library and Information Technology Consultant and Director Emerita of Library, Information and Technology Services, Mount Holyoke College

Presentation Handout 1
Presentation Handout 2

Using Library Resources to Develop Information Fluency in the Arts

Tamara Bentley, Associate Professor of Art, Colorado College
Victoria Lindsay Levine, Professor of Music, Colorado College
Jessy Randall, Curator of Special Collections, Colorado College

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Presentation Handout

Using Research Projects to Promote Information Fluency

Elise Richman, Associate Professor of Art, University of Puget Sound
Jane Carlin, Library Director, University of Puget Sound
Laura Edgar, Archivist for the Abby Williams Hill Collection, University of Puget Sound
Christian DuComb, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Colgate University
Dan Wheeler, Lead Instructional Technologist, Colgate University

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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Current Status

Approximately 20 institutions will be selected to participate. The application deadline was December 9, 2016.

Download the preliminary agenda.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Application Information

​Institutional teams should consist of (a) the chief academic officer or another appropriate senior academic officer, (b) the library director or a librarian with specialized training in the arts, and (c) two full-time faculty members. All four team members should be motivated and well-positioned to promote information fluency programs when they return to campus. All independent colleges and universities are eligible to apply, with preference given to CIC member institutions. Approximately 20 institutions will be selected to participate. The application deadline is December 9, 2016.

Date and Location

The Information Fluency Workshop on The Arts: History, Theory, and Criticism was held April 20–22, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana.


There is no fee to participate and, thanks to a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, each participating institution will be reimbursed up to $3,000 to offset travel and hotel expenses for each team of four people.

Contact Information

​For more information about these workshops please contact CIC Senior Advisor Susanne Woods, provost and professor of English emerita, Wheaton College (MA) at