NetVUE Regional Gathering - University of La Verne 2/23/2023 2/23/2023 2/23/20232/25/20232/25/20232/25/2023 La Verne, CA

About the Gathering

creating conditions, dismantling obstacles, empowering students: Voational exploration and marginalized communities

As educators, we are called to challenge ourselves to think about the conditions that are present in our institutions, and about how these conditions impact our students’ sense of self, their relationships, and their lives. At this NetVUE gathering, participants will explore the various conditions in our institutions which enable (or restrict) students' capacities to thrive and discover their vocation. These conditions include experiencing community, understanding holistic dimensions of wellness, valuing personal narrative and inner voice, demonstrating resilience, employing cultural wealth, and many other conditions yet to be discovered. Keynote speaker Patrick Reyes, author of the NetVUE Big Read volume The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning and Thrive, will help participants interrogate conditions and how they may—or may not—allow students to discern and live into lives of meaning, purpose, and empowerment.

Registration and Hotel Information

Note: Registrant should contact the hotel to make a lodging reservation (see event site).