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The OFIC CareerFest: 20 Years and CountingThe OFIC CareerFest: 20 Years and Counting7Since 2001, the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges’ CareerFest has been a top networking event for students of OFIC’s 33 member campuses. Companies and government agencies have flocked to Columbus or Cleveland for years to fill both generalist and specialist positions. In 2020, COVID-19 pushed OFIC to go virtual, using member Capital University’s Handshake platform. Learn how Handshake transformed this 20-year event and why OFIC continued its virtual approach in 2021 and 2022.<br><blockquote><strong><em>Bill Spiker</em></strong>, President, Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges; Presiding Officer, CIC State Councils; and Member, CIC Board of Directors</blockquote>
Network with Sponsors and Boxed LunchesNetwork with Sponsors and Boxed Lunches9<p>Connect with representatives from sponsor organizations to learn more about their services and areas of expertise. Please enjoy your boxed lunches with appropriate social distancing. Masks are required during all Conference sessions, except when eating or drinking.</p>
Workshop: Gaining Traction—Elevating State Council Influence on College Student Career ReadinessWorkshop: Gaining Traction—Elevating State Council Influence on College Student Career Readiness10Andy Chan<p>During this one-hour workshop, Andy Chan will facilitate a discussion to highlight the key challenges State Council leaders face in their work with college leaders, career services offices, and employers. Through a “light” design-thinking session, the group will generate and identify new approaches for State Council leaders to consider to increase their impact on college student career readiness and employability.</p>
Program Review: Sharpening Our MissionProgram Review: Sharpening Our Mission21In this session, participants will learn about the four pillars of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges’ (VFIC) strategic planning process. VFIC staff will share how the foundation approached its goal of reviewing existing collaborative programs and evaluating ROI. The presentation will examine the variables considered in VFIC’s program review and the model that resulted from the process. Participants also will learn how VFIC’s program review will guide decision making as VFIC moves to the next iteration of its strategic plan.<br><blockquote><strong><em>Mary-Beth Johnson</em></strong>, Chief Operating Officer, Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges<br><strong><em>Matthew Shank</em></strong>, President, Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges</blockquote>
Compelling Evidence about Liberal Arts Impact: A Compelling Opportunity for State Council LeadershipCompelling Evidence about Liberal Arts Impact: A Compelling Opportunity for State Council Leadership12Richard A. DetweilerDemonstrating the value of liberal arts-based education is a continuing challenge in this skeptical era. New objective research not only documents its long-term impact on life success and meaning but it also provides presidents with fresh perspectives on how to more convincingly communicate its effectiveness and establish institutional plans and priorities to enhance its value. The study findings are based on interviews of 1,000 adult graduates of many types of institutions and offer compelling comparative evidence that a liberal arts education has a distinctly large and lasting impact on lifetime success, leadership, altruism, learning, and fulfillment.
Workshop: Building a Better Benchmarking ReportWorkshop: Building a Better Benchmarking Report13CIC offers by request to individual State Councils annual benchmarking reports that provide comparisons to similar State Councils and to the network. These reports are based on data gathered through the annual Gift and Income Survey. The existing dataset includes information going back to 1948, making it an important source for historical comparisons. To ensure that the reports provide value today to the many different types of associations that are CIC State Council members, CIC Director of Strategic Research, Jason Rivera, will review the current survey and reports with participants to develop a strategy for updating this member service.<br><blockquote><strong><em>Jason Rivera</em></strong>, Director of Strategic Research, CIC<br></blockquote>
Annual Reception and Awards DinnerAnnual Reception and Awards Dinner22Minor Mickel ShawWelcome: <strong><em>Marjorie Hass</em></strong>, President, CIC<br><br>The highlight of the Awards Dinner is the presentation of the CIC State Councils’ highest honors: the Charles W. L. Foreman Award, which recognizes a college president or corporate trustee who has demonstrated an outstanding record of service that truly distinguishes the recipient from his or her peers in support of the mission and work of the State Councils; and the CIC State Councils Leadership Award, which is presented at the discretion of the State Councils Advisory Committee to honor transformational leadership among CIC State Councils.<br><br><h3>Presentation of the Charles W. L. Foreman Award</h3><br>Presenters:<br><strong>Marjorie Hass</strong>, President, CIC<br><strong><em>Jeff Perez</em></strong>, President, South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities<br><br>Remarks:<br><strong><em>Minor Mickel Shaw</em></strong>
Closing Luncheon: CIC State Councils Business MeetingClosing Luncheon: CIC State Councils Business Meeting20<p></p>Enjoy a final boxed lunch with colleagues and participate in the State Councils Business Meeting. Marjorie Hass, CIC president, will preside.<br><blockquote><strong><em>Robert Bartlett</em></strong>, President, Michigan Colleges Alliance<br><strong><em>Paul Cerkvenik</em></strong>, President, Minnesota Private College Fund<br><strong><em>Marjorie Hass</em></strong> (Ex Officio), President, CIC<br><strong><em>Treva Haugaard</em></strong>, President, Council of Independent Nebraska Colleges Foundation<br><strong><em>Paul Pribbenow</em></strong>, President, Augsburg University<br><strong><em>Bill Spiker</em></strong> (Ex Officio), President, Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges; Presiding Officer, CIC State Councils; and Member, CIC Board of Directors<br><strong><em>Terri Standish-Kuon</em></strong>, President and CEO, Independent Colleges of Washington<br><strong><em>Mick Weltman</em></strong>, Executive Director, Associated Colleges of Illinois<br>Chair: <strong><em>Marjorie Hass</em></strong>, President, CIC<br></blockquote>
Tools and Tips for Transfer PathwaysTools and Tips for Transfer Pathways17Loni Bordoloi PazichLoni Bordoloi Pazich, program director at the Teagle Foundation, will discuss the Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts initiative and share information about a new toolkit that Teagle has developed to help grant applicants plan and implement Transfer Pathways projects.  <br> <br>Two State Councils will join Bordoloi Pazich for an engaging forum where participants can discuss difficult questions they wish to resolve before they connect with the Teagle Foundation and raise challenges that they have faced during the planning stages. Conference participants will learn not only the lessons gleaned from CIC projects, but also from their State Council colleagues who may have overcome similar barriers.<br><blockquote><strong><em>Loni Bordoloi Pazich</em></strong>, Program Director, the Teagle Foundatio<br><strong><em>Kris Gonzales</em></strong>, Vice President for Advancement, Independent Colleges of Washington<br><strong><em>John Manning</em></strong>, Director of Marketing and Communications, Minnesota Private College Fund</blockquote>
State-by-State UpdatesState-by-State Updates19<p></p>Learn from your colleagues as they present innovative ideas and current challenges in this lightning round of state-by-state updates.
Economic Trends and Implications for Independent Higher EducationEconomic Trends and Implications for Independent Higher Education16Adam W. Polacek<p>Colleges and universities are susceptible to regional, national, and macroeconomic trends, including recently the impacts of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What economic trends can State Council leaders help their institutional members consider as a back drop to their short- and long-term strategic planning? Adam Polacek, managing director of Institutional Investment Strategy at TIAA, will discuss trends that are especially relevant to independent colleges and universities with a forward-focused outlook on what leaders could anticipate.</p>
Orientation for New State Executives and StaffOrientation for New State Executives and Staff1All new state executives, staff, and first-time conference attendees are welcome. CIC leadership will provide a briefing on the operations and member benefits of CIC’s State Council programs and services.<br><blockquote><strong><em></em></strong><strong><em>Marjorie Hass</em></strong>, President, CIC<br><strong><em>Christoph Kunkel</em></strong>, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff<br><strong><em>William (Bill) Spiker</em></strong>, President, Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC); Presiding Officer, CIC State Councils; and Member, CIC Board of Directors<br></blockquote>
State Councils Advisory Committee MeetingState Councils Advisory Committee Meeting2
Opening ReceptionOpening Reception3Colette Pierce Burnette<h3>Greetings and Conference Overview<br></h3><blockquote> <strong> <em>Marjorie Hass</em></strong>, President, CIC<br><strong><em>Bill Spiker</em></strong>, President, Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC); Presiding Officer, CIC State Councils; and Member, CIC Board of Directors<br></blockquote> <br> <h3>Welcoming Remarks</h3><blockquote> <strong> <em>Steven Johnson</em></strong>, President, Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas Foundation<br></blockquote> <br> <h3>Greetings from the UPS Foundation</h3> <br> <h3>CIC/UPS Scholarship Presentation</h3><blockquote> <strong><em>Colette Pierce Burnette</em></strong>, President, Huston-Tillotson University<br><strong><em>Juanita Breedlove</em></strong>, CIC/UPS Scholar, Huston-Tillotson University<br></blockquote>
Keynote Address: Andy ChanKeynote Address: Andy Chan5Andy Chan<h3>Outcomes and Metrics That Matter: Embedding Career Services at the Core</h3><br>Colleges and universities face increasing pressure to prove that their students are career-ready and able to secure gainful employment by graduation. At the same time, the world of work is changing at an escalating pace with greater expectations and challenges for all, especially college students and young adults. Higher ed innovator Andy Chan will share his perspective on the college-to-career landscape today and offer his vision and solutions for the future.<br>