2021 NetVUE Regional Gathering - AAR/SBL Annual Meeting 11/18/2021 11/18/2021 11/18/202111/19/202111/19/202111/19/2021 San Antonio, TX

About the Gathering

Religion and Justice Issues in the Undergraduate Classroom: An AAR/SBL Pre-Meeting

Faculty members and scholars in theology and religious studies will gather to explore the ways that their undergraduate classrooms can become sites for deeper conversations about issues of justice. These conversations often involve matters of vocational reflection and discernment, focusing both on the students’ individual lives and on the various communities of which they are a part. Attention will be given to the relationships among religion, justice, and vocation—not only on a theoretical level, but also in terms of classroom resources, pedagogical approaches, and practical ways to address potential obstacles to conversation. The event will include discussion of immigration, incarceration, and environmental justice, as well as response to Jason Mahn’s Neighbor Love through Fearful Days (Fortress, 2021).

Registration and Hotel Information

​Event registration deadline: November 12, 2021

Note: Registrants should contact the hotel directly to make a lodging reservation. Hotel options can be found on the American Academy of Religion website.