2020 NetVUE Regional Gathering - Huntingdon College 2/21/2020 2/21/2020 2/21/20202/22/20202/22/20202/22/2020 Montgomery, AL

About the Gathering

Where the Campus Meets the World: Vocation and Post-College Transition

This gathering will explore strategies for faculty and staff members who seek to help students put into practice beyond the classroom and the campus what they learn about vocation in the undergraduate setting. It will include discussions of obstacles that can arise as students pursue their callings after college—including structural and socio-economic factors, disabilities, cross-cultural challenges, and the tendency of some forms of “service” to do more harm than good. The gathering will include a visit to the renowned Legacy Museum and the Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Registration and Hotel Information

​Event registration deadline: January 24, 2020
Hotel reservation deadline: January 24, 2020

Note: Registrant should contact the hotel to make a lodging reservation (see event site).