2018 NetVUE Regional Gathering - Elizabethtown College 3/23/2018 3/23/2018 3/23/20183/24/20183/24/20183/24/2018 Washington, DC

About the Gathering

​Mentoring Undergraduate Students of Color: The Shape of Deep Purpose

This occasion will explore in community both the general and particular callings, strengths, and possibilities of CIC NetVUE schools related to mentoring undergraduate students of color in both predominantly/historical White institutions and in minority-serving institutions. Leaders will explore cultural interpretations of vocation, spirituality, religion, deep meaning, and purpose in the lives of students of color as well as high-impact practices that support their explorations.

Registration and Hotel Information

Event registration and lodging reservation deadline: February 23, 2018

Note: NetVUE staff will make your hotel reservation and you will receive an email confirmation.