CIC Announces Capacity-Building Grants Awarded to Six State Organizations

11/19/2010 — Washington, DC

​​The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) announced today a new Capacity-Building Grants program that has awarded $30,000 to six State Fund Members of CIC. State funds are fundraising associations for independent colleges in 32 states. They are members of the Foundation for Independent Higher Education (FIHE), which merged last month with CIC and continues to coordinate their activities.

The grants were awarded through a competitive grant program administered by FIHE. The state funds in Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri were selected for the awards, and each will receive $5,000 grants as seed money to enhance their capacity to raise funds, particularly for student scholarships, and to coordinate collaborative projects on behalf of the private colleges and universities in their states.

“These timely grants will help the state funds leverage additional funding to meet scholarship needs and other pressing priorities for private colleges and universities across the country,” said Ned Moore, executive director of FIHE.

Richard Ekman, president of CIC said, “We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to support our State Fund Members and the very good work they do raising money on behalf of the independent colleges and universities in their states.”

The grants will provide support for the state funds to launch fundraising campaigns for scholarships to make a private college education possible for students from underserved populations or who seek a career in specific fields, offer scholarships for students from rural areas, and provide support for lower-income and minority students, and for military veterans returning from abroad.

The State Fund Members were selected for the grants, and their projects, include:

Alabama Association of Independent Colleges and Universities—will use funding as leverage to secure additional grants from targeted local foundations and corporations to support programs for minority and low-income students.

Independent College Fund of Maryland—will create a new high-tech, high-touch “Canvas of Communication” network that links the Independent College Fund of Maryland, donors, colleges, and students.

Iowa College Foundation—will implement a new Rural Scholars Program.

Michigan Colleges Foundation—will launch a campaign designed to raise $300,000 in scholarships for veterans.

Missouri Colleges Fund—will use funding to produce professionally-designed brochures in support of three themed fundraising programs: Missouri Mathematics and Science Scholars, First Opportunity Scholars, and Teachers First Program.

Minnesota Private College Fund—will support a board/volunteer leadership retreat to plan and implement a new and extensive major gifts initiative.