Department Chair Workshops Will Focus on Achieving High Quality in Changing Times

Collage of four department chair workshop cities  

Department and division chairs are the bridges between the members of their department or division and senior administrators. But how can chairs become campus leaders while they balance the competing priorities of their roles as faculty members, departmental advocates, and institutional planners? CIC’s 2020 Workshops for Department and Division Chairs will focus on strategies and practical approaches to develop leadership skills that promote academic quality and enhance resilience for chairs and the faculty peers with whom they work. Designed for both new and experienced chairs of departments and chairs or deans of divisions at independent colleges and universities, the Workshops will take place in four cities across the United States this spring:

Experienced chief academic officers, department and division chairs, and attorneys who specialize in relevant legal issues will lead a mix of plenary and small group discussions. Topics will include:

  • Serving as Department or Division Chair: Beyond the Job Description;*
  • The Department or Division Budget;*
  • Using Data Effectively;*
  • Preventive Law I: Adhering to Institutional Procedures and Policies—Hiring Practices;
  • Preventive Law II: Adhering to Institutional Procedures and Policies—Faculty Performance Evaluation;
  • Dealing with Difficult Faculty Conversations;
  • Building and Maintaining a Collegial Department;* and
  • Becoming a Leader on Campus.*

*These topics will have separate program tracks for new chairs and experienced chairs and deans.

The Workshops should be of interest to both new and experienced department chairs from a variety of disciplines. “Since technical topics have separate tracks for newer and more experienced chairs, the Workshops support academic leaders at various stages in their careers. In addition, having chairs from different departments or divisions on campus participate together as a team strengthens opportunities for collaboration when they return home,” said Kerry Pannell, CIC vice president for academic programs. 

Workshop breakfast and lunch discussions will enable participants from institutions of similar size and structure to share experiences and effective practices as well as to network.

For information about the meeting sites and hotels as well as registration materials, visit the Workshops website. Detailed information about the program for each Workshop will be available in mid-February.