Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows Priority Application Deadline Nears

CIC is now accepting applications from campuses with interest in hosting a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow—prominent artists, journalists, business leaders, diplomats, environmentalists, civil libertarians, and other nonacademic professionals—during the 2018–2019 academic year. The program, operated by CIC for more than a decade, is structured to make high-impact programming easy and accessible.

Through a week-long residential program of classes, seminars, workshops, lectures, and informal discussions, Fellows create better understanding and new connections between the academic and nonacademic worlds. CIC helps institutions select a Fellow and plan their visit. Institutions pay a set fee to CIC and provide lodging and meals for Fellows while they are on campus, and CIC covers the Fellow’s honorarium, primary travel, and incidental expenses. Interested institutions are encouraged to apply by March 29, 2018, for priority consideration.

Stetson University (FL) recently hosted Fellow Dwight T. Pitcaithley, former chief historian of the National Park Service (NPS). His well-received presentation, “The National Park Service after 100 Years: A Historian’s Reflections on Mission, Challenges, and Opportunities,” highlighted the challenges and changes in the NPS, including the park’s role as an educational institution and federal policies that affect its work. During his visit, Pitcaithley also talked with students about current controversies surrounding monuments and memorials in public places. His most recent book, The U.S. Constitution and Secession: A Documentary Anthology of Slavery and White Supremacy, will be published this March.

Two photos: (left) Dwight T. Pitcaithley presents from a podium; (right) Pitcaithley speaks to tour group outside a bright yellow building
Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Dwight T. Pitcaithley, former chief historian of the National Park Service, spoke at Stetson University (FL) in November 2017. He also led a tour at Seminole Rest, a historic site in Florida’s Canaveral National Seashore. (Photos courtesy of Stetson University)

Emily Mieras, associate professor and chair of the Department of History at Stetson University, remarked: “Pitcaithley’s lecture was both timely and relevant as the National Park Service celebrated its centennial last year, the NPS faces possible funding cuts, and Americans continue to debate how to represent history in public spaces. Given his expertise, the talk had wide appeal, for the many people who love the National Parks as well as those fascinated by how history plays a role in public spaces.”

Pitcaithley is one of more than 125 Fellows who, by their own example, can demonstrate to students that people can build a better world through professional activities and as informed citizens. Colleges and universities can search the online roster of Fellows, sorting by subject matter expertise. Once an institution decides to bring a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow to its campus, a primary contact should complete the online request form, noting preferred Fellows and campus visit dates. View program and application information and the list of Fellows.