Applications for Two NetVUE Grant Programs Are Due in April

CIC’s Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) offers many grant opportunities for member institutions each year. Proposals for two significant grant programs are due this spring.

Professional Development Awards

For institutions that are new to NetVUE or those undertaking relatively modest projects, a NetVUE Professional Development Award provides $5,000 to $10,000 of support. These awards are often used to create faculty seminars, to invite speakers on vocation topics to campus, and to purchase books and other materials to facilitate discussions among campus leaders. The program’s goal is to help member institutions bolster their on-campus leadership for undertaking the work of vocational exploration and discernment with undergraduate students. Proposals for this program are due April 13, 2018; additional information is available on the CIC website.

Vocation across the Academy Grants

For NetVUE members considering more ambitious projects, Vocation across the Academy Grants provide up to $60,000 from CIC and third-party sources over a three-year period. This new initiative aims to allow campuses to expand vocational exploration programming beyond its typical venues, such as general education courses in the humanities. Students’ questions and concerns about vocation, meaning, and identity are as significant in other academic disciplines (including the arts and the natural and social sciences), and perhaps most pressing of all, in applied fields such as engineering, nursing, and business management. The grant initiative recognizes that many NetVUE member institutions are eager to develop approaches that augment their vocation-related programs in these areas.

A key feature of the Vocation across the Academy Grant initiative is the requirement of at least one-to-one third-party matching funds. Successful proposals will be awarded up to $25,000 from CIC for the first year with institutions raising an equal amount from new third-party sources for the second year. Upon fulfillment of the matching requirement, institutions will receive an additional $10,000 from CIC, for a potential total of $60,000 or more for the three-year project.

Because the Vocation across the Academy Grants are a new offering, CIC recently hosted a webinar to discuss the program’s goals, eligibility criteria, funding strategies, and timeline. The entire webinar is archived on the NetVUE Online Community and can be accessed by members who sign in and navigate to the “Digital Media” category of the Resource Library. Proposals for these grants are due April 6, 2018; additional information is available online.

All NetVUE grant programs are administered by CIC with generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc. For more information, contact David Cunningham, director of NetVUE, at or (616) 395-6750.