Renaissance Art and Music Are Focus of Faculty Seminar at High Museum

Faculty members will explore “Sight and Sound in Renaissance and Baroque Europe” during CIC’s summer 2016 seminar at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. Part of CIC’s Teaching European Art in Context seminar series, the program is designed for nonspecialists on the subject and will be especially valuable for faculty members at institutions without large campus museums or proximity to major art museums.

The seminar will take place June 20–24, 2016, and will focus on learning to listen to music and view art as people in Europe did during the Renaissance and Baroque periods (c. 1300–1700). The seminar will include direct encounters with European art in the High Museum and live and recorded performances of period music. To help prepare for these experiences, participants will read and discuss scholarly articles and original texts from the period. They will study basic stylistic developments in European painting and music, examine the wide variety of roles that painting and music played in religious and secular life, discuss commonalities and rivalries between the visual arts and music and among their practitioners and patrons, and consider how theory and practice linked painting and music. Two noted scholars of the period—Gary Radke, professor emeritus of art history at Syracuse University, and Amanda Winkler, associate professor of music history and cultures at Syracuse—will lead the seminar. Atlanta-based early music ensembles, including the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra, will join with the High Museum to make the seminar a truly interdisciplinary experience.

CIC will select up to 20 individuals by competitive nomination to participate in the seminar. Participants must be full-time faculty members who regularly teach art history and whose institutions are CIC members. Nominations are due by January 8, 2016. The seminar series is supported by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. More information, including the nomination guidelines and online nomination form, is available at