Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows

For more than 45 years, the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows program has brought prominent artists, diplomats, journalists, business leaders, and other nonacademic professionals to campuses across the United States for substantive dialogue with students and faculty members. Through a week-long residential program of classes, seminars, workshops, lectures, and informal discussions, the Fellows create better understanding and new connections between the academic and nonacademic worlds.

Current Status

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2019–2020 academic year. Because campuses are matched with Fellows in the order that applications are received, it is a good idea to submit your application as soon as possible.

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Program Details

Instead of the one-day visit typical of the college lecture circuit, the Visiting Fellows program provides time for trust to develop, complex issues to be explored, and ongoing relations to be established. Through these week-long visits, students and faculty members can explore how the classroom and campus relate to the broader society. By their own example, Fellows demonstrate that there are challenging opportunities for those who want to build a better world through professional activities and as informed citizens.

Institutions are responsible for providing lodging and meals for Fellows while they are on campus. Cost conscious campuses often use on-campus housing and incorporate the Fellow’s meals into campus activities to conserve funds. Additionally, institutions pay a set fee to CIC, and CIC covers the Fellow’s honorarium, primary travel, and other incidental expenses.

Once an institution decides to bring a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow to its campus, a primary contact or “campus coordinator” should complete the 2019–2020 Campus Request Form. CIC will quickly match the institution with a requested Fellow, and the campus can immediately begin planning the week of activities with the Fellow.

Application Process

20192020 Application Information:
Please view the roster of Fellows and, when completing your application, rank three or four Fellows in order by preference. Next, complete the Campus Request Form. Campuses are matched with Fellows in the order the application was received so campuses are encouraged to submit their requests as soon as they are able.

Campus Request Form: Request Forms should be completed by a campus-designated “campus coordinator” who will be CIC’s point of contact throughout the planning and execution of the visit. The Campus Request Form can be completed entirely online.

For more information contact CIC at (202) 466-7230 or by email at visitingfellows@cic.nche.edu.

Featured Fellows

Janus Adams headshotJanus Adams

Journalist, Talk Show Host, and Creator of BackPax

Allison Riggs headshotAllison Riggs

Attorney, Southern Coalition for Social Justice; Voting Rights Activist

Sheila S. Walker headshotSheila S. walker

Cultural Anthropologist; Documentary Filmmaker; Expert in African diaspora

Steven R. Weisman headshotSteven R. Weisman

Expert in Global Economics, Journalism, and American Judaism

Fee Structure

Institutions pay a set fee to CIC, and CIC covers the Fellow’s honorarium, primary travel, and other incidental expenses. The fee prices for hosting a fellow are:
  • Standard Price: $6,550 (or $7,550 to host a visiting couple)
  • CIC Member Price: $5,950 (or $6,950 to host a visiting couple)
Campuses interested in hosting a Visiting Fellow should review application process details and then submit an application.

Contact Information

Please contact Michelle Friedman, CIC director of programs, or Roger Bowen, program director, at (202) 466-7230 or visitingfellows@cic.nche.edu, for questions related to the program.

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