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Please note: Access to the institution profile is limited to member presidents and individuals they authorize.

CIC maintains a database record of all member institutions. In order to maintain communication with our members, it is important that institutional and individual contact information is kept current. Updating online is quick, easy, and ensures CIC always has your most current information.

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If you're new to your institution, you can sign up as a new contact.

Details on Institution Record Management

By logging into the database online, institutions can directly update several levels of information, including:
  • The institution's mailing address, phone number, and website address;
  • The profiles of individuals at the institution, which include their contact information, title, and role at the college/university; and
  • Changes in personnel.
View printable instructions for updating your institution's information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Institutions

How often should I update my institution's information?
CIC sends an annual reminder to the office of the president to update the institution's information. You may also update periodically when information changes.
Who is responsible for updating my institution's information?
CIC designates the president for updating information. However, presidents often provide their login information to an assistant or another staff member.
Can individuals at my institution update their own record?
The office of the president is responsible for an institution's record. However individuals can update their own records using the Update Individual Profile feature.
I've changed or deleted important information on my institution's record. How do I recover this information?
Simply login again and re-enter the correct information, or contact CIC at for assistance.
I've forgotten my username and/or password, or I'd like to change my password. What do I do?
Use the Retrieve Password or Change Password links on this page to either retrieve or change your password information. Your username is always your institutional email address on file with CIC.
Is submitting my information online a secure transaction?
Yes. Our online system uses a secure encrypted connection to ensure safe transmission.

Contact Information

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Kate Webber, CIC director of membership services, at (202) 466-7230 or