Workshop on Cross-Border Quality Assurance

Over the last ten years, CIC Member Institutions have increased their engagement in international education through study abroad, partnerships with institutions, and enrollment of students from outside the United States. To further opportunities for internationalization in Muslim-majority countries, CIC partnered with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and the Hollings Center for International Dialogue to host a workshop on cross-border quality assurance of higher education that focused on Malaysia, Oman, and the United States and more generally the Arab world and Southeast Asia. The workshop explored how expanded relationships among universities in these regions and U.S. colleges and universities, especially CIC Member Institutions, could be developed. CIC President Richard Ekman and Drew University President MaryAnn Baenninger, chair of the CIC Board of Directors, represented CIC during the meeting.

Held in Istanbul, Turkey, September 6–7, 2018, the workshop brought together 13 higher education leaders from Egypt, France, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, Turkey, and the U.S. to explore five key topics: quality assurance in each country especially in relation to each country’s work internationally; the current state of regional or international cross-border quality assurance as it affects these countries and their colleges and universities; quality assurance in various disciplinary areas; expectations and future needs in cross-border quality assurance; and recommendations for future quality assurance efforts and further cooperation among participants. Esther Barazzone, president emerita of Chatham University, served as the conference’s rapporteur. A summary paper that includes recommendations for policy and next steps is available below, as are links to additional information.

2018 Workshop Resources

For those CIC members who are participating in the CHEA annual meeting in late January, there will be a session about the workshop. Some of the higher education officials from other countries who participated in the Istanbul meeting will be present.