Message from the President

Richard Ekman headshotThe Council of Independent Colleges is an association of more than 600 colleges and universities that share the attributes of dedication to teaching, purposefulness about moral and civic values, small classes, close partnerships between the campus and its surrounding community, and governing structures that are not part of state government. CIC's main purposes are (1) supporting college leadership, (2) advancing institutional excellence, and (3) enhancing public understanding of the contribution of private higher education to society.

CIC's services span the usual activities of membership organizations—including conferences, publications, and consulting services. What is most noteworthy about CIC is its focus on practical aspects on improving campus operations. Many CIC members—particularly presidents and chief academic officers—comment on the extent to which CIC services help them to perform their jobs better. They also comment frequently on the degree of candor that is to be found in CIC workshops and conferences, as campus leaders share successes and failures with one another in an effort to learn from actual experience.

I hope that you will want to learn more about CIC. If you would like to become a member or to participate in any of CIC's programs, information can be found at other locations on this website. If you are looking for expert advice on some aspect of higher education, there is a good chance that CIC can be of assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the staff or me, by any means that is convenient—email, telephone, or mail.

With best wishes,

Richard Ekman