Return to Membership Information State Council Membership - Benefits, Criteria, and Details

CIC serves statewide consortia that raise funds for, and coordinate collaborative programs among, independent colleges and universities.​

State Council Member Benefits

  • Grants to Support Initiatives—State Council Members can provide several grants and scholarship funds for their members institutions, including:
    • Capacity-Building Grants—to enhance State Councils' capacity to raise money.
    • Scholarship Challenge Grants—to leverage additional gifts for scholarships.
    • First Opportunity Partners Grants—to increase college access and success of first-generation, low-income, minority, and new American students.
    • National Venture Fund Grants—to support collaborative projects for State Councils' members.
    • UPS Scholarships—to award need-based scholarships to first-generation, low-income, minority, or new American students.
  • CIC/UPS Educational Endowment—State Council Members receive grant support for programs and student scholarships.
  • National Conference—State Council Members are provided with an annual forum for face-to-face networking, professional development, and opportunities to share best practices.
  • Consultation and Support—State Council members can obtain advice and support from experienced CIC staff for fundraising and development activities.
  • Community Forum—State Council leaders can participate in secure discussions with their counterparts at other State Councils to collaborate on best practices and to access an archive of documents and material resources.
  • Benchmarking Services—State Council Members are provided with annual benchmarking services—free of charge—that assess operational performance, gift income, and membership satisfaction. Customized benchmarking reports on gift income are available upon request.
  • Charts and DataCIC provides a growing collection of statistics, graphs, and other resources such as articles and speeches that can assist member presidents and other campus leaders to make the case for independent higher education.
  • Research Reports—Members receive CIC research reports that analyze current trends most relevant to independent colleges and universities.
  • Reduced Registration Fees—Most CIC programs and seminars are available only to member institutions. Those that are open to nonmembers are available to members at reduced registration fees. 
  • CASE Membership—State Council members are provided with a free membership in the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). 


Each CIC State Council is a nonprofit (501(c)3 IRS status) consortium that generates financial resources for, and coordinates beneficial collaboration program among, its member independent colleges and universities. These consortia joined CIC following the merger of CIC and the Foundation for Independent Higher Education in 2010. They are expected to be active in the State Councils network, seek support for their member colleges (particularly in the area of raising scholarship funding), coordinate collaborative programs, and pay annual dues to CIC.


Annual dues of State Councils are calculated based on the State Council’s number of member colleges and universities. For the 2021–2022 year, the dues are $625 per member institution.

To Apply

Membership as a CIC State Council is awarded to only one consortia per state. CIC is willing to consider letters of application from 501(c)3 independent college fundraising consortia in states not currently represented among CIC’s current State Councils, based on the core criteria noted above. Any letters of inquiry or application should be directed to Carol Schuler, CIC vice president for state council programs, at (202) 466-7230 or