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Senior Leadership Academy

The Senior Leadership Academy is a year-long program for mid-level administrators in higher education who aspire to senior leadership positions in independent colleges or universities.
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Saint Louis, MO

2018 Institute for Chief Academic Officers with Chief Financial and Chief Enrollment Management Officers

This annually held meeting brings chief academic officers of independent colleges and universities together, and includes special programming for new CAOs and CAOs in their third and fourth year.
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St. Louis, MO

New Presidents Program

A leadership development program for college presidents in their first or second year and their spouses or partners that addresses the practical needs and strategic questions for success as leaders of independent colleges and universities.
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Scottsdale, Arizona
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2019 Presidents Governance Academy

A program for CIC member presidents to strengthen president-board relations, align board bylaws with principles of good governance, make bylaws more effective, and sustain a high-performing board of trustees.
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Scottsdale, Arizona

 Items of Interest

Presidential Vocation and Institutional Mission

This program is designed to assist prospective presidents, along with their spouses or partners, to clarify their own sense of personal vocation, and to weigh it in the context of the missions of the institutions they might lead in the future.

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Teaching European Art in Context

This seminar series aims to strengthen the teaching of art history to undergraduates at smaller colleges and universities.

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Fall 2018 Independent Newsletter

This issue features stories on CIC’s upcoming and recent programs and events; highlights of The Independent College Presidency report; the President’s Desk column; Research and Books; and Campus Update.

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Diversity, Civility, and the Liberal Arts Institute

This Institute is intended to address major issues that drive unrest on today’s campus, including protests directed at public policy, social inequity, bias, and identity that sometimes become disruptive or even violent.

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Teaching Interfaith Understanding

The seminar will broaden faculty members’ knowledge and perspective to help them strengthen the teaching of interfaith understanding, develop new courses and other resources, and expand the network of faculty members who are committed to teaching this subject.

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Seminars on Science Pedagogy

The seminars will use methods based on research in cognition and neuroscience that have been shown, by Nobel-laureate Carl Wieman and his colleagues to yield significant increases in student learning in science courses at many levels.

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