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Find a Job, Start Your Career

Liberal arts grads love what they do, and use their education every day to do it. They work in all kinds of fields, from tech to teaching, from health care to foreign affairs, working for big businesses and starting their own. Employers say they want grads with a liberal arts education, and students are more likely to get the experience they need—including through internships—at private colleges than at public institutions. Recent studies have shown that in their peak earning years liberal arts grads make as much if not more than those with professional majors. A persistent myth about liberal arts education—that liberal arts grads don’t find good jobs—simply isn’t true.
  • Employers Want Liberal Arts Knowledge

    80% of employers think every student should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts.

  • Science and Math Are Important Parts of the Liberal Arts

    20% of PhDs in STEM fields graduated from smaller private colleges, compared to 12% from regional public universities.

  • Internships

    Private colleges provide students with opportunities to integrate and apply knowledge through internships, clinical assignments, or other field experiences.

  • Student Loan Default Rates

    Federal Student Loan Default Rates by Sector

  • Career Advising
    Students at private colleges and universities benefit from frequent discussions with faculty members about career plans.

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