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Reap the Rewards

  • Private liberal arts colleges graduate students faster and at higher rates than public institutions do. That includes students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) majors, students of color, and low-income students too. Fewer years in college means fewer tuition payments and a lower cost of degree.

  • Liberal arts grads love what they do, and use their education every day to do it. They work in all kinds of fields, from tech to teaching, from health care to foreign affairs, working for big businesses and starting their own. Employers say they want grads with liberal arts training, and students are more likely to get the experience they need—including through internships—at private liberal arts colleges than at public institutions.

  • Liberal arts colleges help students grow personally, impact their communities, and take leadership roles throughout their careers. Want to make meaningful connections while getting your degree? On a smaller campus, it’s often easier for students to build strong relationships with professors and peers. And the majority of students at private liberal arts colleges say their institutions support their academic and personal success.