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You Can Thrive

At a private college, students receive lots of personal attention inside and outside the classroom. That means smaller, more engaging classes, more feedback from professors, and more opportunities to connect with classmates outside of class. It means that students at private colleges graduate faster than students at public institutions and persist in pursuing challenging majors. Studying the liberal arts prepares grads to pursue their dreams.
  • Students Persist in STEM Majors at Private Colleges

    60% of students who begin in STEM fields at smaller private colleges stay in STEM fields, compared to 41% at regional public universities.

  • More STEM Majors at Private Colleges Plan to Apply to Graduate School

    57% of STEM majors at smaller private colleges plan to attend graduate school, compared to 40% at regional public universities.

  • Lower Student-Faculty Ratio at Private Colleges

    The student-faculty ratio at private colleges is 11:1, compared to 15:1 at public universities.

  • Faculty Feedback
    Faculty members at private colleges and universities provide timely feedback to their students regarding academic coursework.
  • Academic Support
    Private colleges and universities are more likely than other institutions to provide the support that students need to succeed academically.

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