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You Can Afford It

A liberal arts education is more affordable than you might think. Private colleges award more and larger grants than public institutions, and many liberal arts grads finish their degrees with no educational debt at all. The average loan debt of grads is about the price of a modest car—less than $20,000.
  • Putting Price into Perspective

    Average loan debt for graduates of private colleges is $19,500—the same as a modest automobile, but the value of the degree appreciates while the car's value depreciates.

  • Private Colleges Award Larger Grants

    Private colleges award $14,826 per student in grants, compared to $4,765 per student at public colleges.

  • Private Colleges Award More Grants

    80% of students at private colleges receive grants, compared to 40% at public universities.

  • Average Amount of Aid
    Average Amount of Financial Aid
  • Distribution of Total Undergraduate Debt
    Distribution of Total Undergraduate Debt
  • Tuition from 1983 to 2014
    Over the past decade, published tuition and fees at public four-year institutions have increased twice as fast as at independent colleges and universities.

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