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Follow Your Passion

  • Think you can’t attend a private liberal arts college because you’re not made of money? Think again. Students at liberal arts colleges come from all backgrounds and circumstances. Studying the liberal arts isn’t just for the elite or wealthy—it’s for everyone.

  • Liberal arts colleges and universities are more affordable than you might think. Private colleges award more and larger grants than public institutions, and many liberal arts grads finish their degrees with no educational debt at all. The average loan debt of grads is about the price of a modest car—less than $20,000.

  • At a liberal arts college, students receive lots of personal attention inside and outside the classroom. That means more engaging classes, more feedback from professors, and more opportunities to connect with classmates. It means that students at private liberal arts colleges graduate faster than at public institutions and persist in pursuing challenging majors. Liberal arts colleges prepare grads to pursue their dreams.