Executive Leadership Academy

The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) is a year-long program cosponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), and the American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI) to prepare experienced provosts and vice presidents to become successful presidents. It includes two national seminars, readings, webinars, individualized experiential activities, and structured mentorship experiences. By completing the program, participants will have acquired considerable knowledge, skills, and experiences that are germane to the portfolio of responsibilities and activities central to the work of the president.

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 Current Status for 2016–2017

Approximately 40 cabinet officers, drawn from all divisions of the institution, were selected for the 2016–2017 program. Participants attended the first seminar, which took place July 11–13, 2016, in Washington, DC. The closing seminar will be held June 19–21, 2017, in Washington, DC.



For questions about the nomination, selection process, or program logistics, contact Barbara Hetrick, senior vice president, CIC, at bhetrick@cic.nche.edu or (202) 466-7230.

For questions about program content, contact Tom Kepple, president, AALI, at kepplet@americanali.org or (202) 263-7488.