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Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows

Robert Musil

Spokesperson on global warming, environmental health, and national security; former CEO of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Physicians for Social Responsibility
Robert K. Musil is the President and CEO of the Rachel Carson Council, an environmental organization envisioned by Rachel Carson,  founded in 1965 by her closest friends and colleagues. Musil is also Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies in the School of Public Affairs at American University where he teaches about global climate change and energy policy. From 1992–2006, Musil was the longest-serving Executive Director and CEO of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), winner of the 1985 Nobel Prize for Peace. Musil helped launch PSR’s environmental program in the early 1990s and led PSR campaigns for safe and affordable drinking water, clean air, and prevention of toxic pollution and global climate change. As a member of the Green Group, representing the nation’s thirty-four largest environmental groups, Musil has worked over the years with leading public figures including Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, and numerous cabinet members and Congressional leaders. He also initiated PSR’s U.S.-Mexico Border Project and has represented PSR at international environment negotiations in Montreal, Kyoto, Johannesburg, Geneva, and elsewhere. Musil specializes in contemporary sustainability, social responsibility, and health issues, as well as Cold War history, culture, and policy. He is the author of numerous articles and Hope for a Heated Planet: How Americans are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future. His current book is Rachel Carson and Her Sisters: Extraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America’s Environment. From 1978–1992, Musil was the Executive Producer and host of Consider the Alternatives, a half-hour weekly radio program syndicated in over 150 stations. He has produced independent video documentaries and public radio documentary series including One Blue Sky: Health and the Human Environment. Musil is two-time winner of the Armstrong Award for Excellence in Radio Broadcasting.
Global warming: how Americans can find hope; why students are ready now to lead us; the new environmentalism: beyond polar bears and penguins; how Washington really works and how to effect change; opposition to the Iraq war: how the media missed the story; ending America's dangerous dependence on oil; campus sustainability and how to get there; green business, green investing; can science and faith find the same wavelength?

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