Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows

Marcia Grant

Founding Dean, President, and Academic Vice Dean, Effat College, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

​During the summer of 1999, Marcia Grant was asked to design and start a college for women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Today Effat College has 36 teachers and 200 students. Ms. Grant continues to serve as Education Counselor for Princess Lolowah-al-Faisal and is writing about the experience from her home in southwest France. A liberal arts education and early experiences in Latin America have had a profound impact on Ms. Grant’s values and career direction. She began her academic career teaching African and international politics at Oberlin College, and later, as a single parent, entered the Foreign Service of USIA. She served as Director of the Fulbright Program in Mexico and as a cultural attaché in Paris. For four years she led the Edward S. Mason program for Third World government officials at Harvard’s Kennedy School and then worked with the Institute of International Education in New York. Before going to Jeddah, she was Executive Director of the Institute of North American Studies in Barcelona.

Women and Islam; creating liberal arts programs for women in Saudi Arabia and expanding their opportunities; the importance and possibilities of international academic exchanges; American foreign policy towards Latin America; why the U.S. and Europe differ in international politics; international careers.

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