Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows

Dale McCormick

Former state senator; founder, Women Unlimited; carpenter; LGBTQ activist
​Dale McCormick has spent over two decades fighting for jobs, economic justice, health care for all, human rights, and equality for women. A carpenter and contractor for 30 years, Ms. McCormick was the first woman in the country to complete a carpentry apprenticeship with the carpenters’ union, and she is a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Union. In 1988, she founded Women Unlimited, a program that successfully trains women on welfare to compete for high-paying jobs in trade and technical occupations. She served in the State of Maine Senate, chairing the Banking & Insurance Committee and writing health care reform legislation. She co-founded and became the first president of the Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance (now Equality Maine). She was the first woman to be elected State Treasurer in 1996 and today is the Director of the Maine State Housing Authority. Her two books, Against the Grain: A Carpentry Manual for Woman, and Housemending: Home Repair For The Rest of Us, join her many published articles on energy efficiency, health care, and civil rights.
Global warming: is your building the solution or the problem?; three US industries killed by lack of government leadership; our sex-segregated economy, the women’s movement, and non-traditional occupations; how to make political change and survive it; good corporate governance: why it’s important to you, your portfolio, and our country.

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