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CIC/Walmart College Success Awards

The CIC/Walmart College Success Awards website was developed to help all colleges and universities who are interested in starting or strengthening programs and services for first-generation students. The site shares with the public the lessons learned by faculty and staff members at 50 different institutions as they extended, deepened, or otherwise improved already strong strategies to increase enrollments, retention, graduation, and learning of first-generation college students.
Funded by the Walmart Foundation, the CIC/Walmart College Success Awards initiative supported 50 competitively selected CIC member colleges and universities to extend, deepen, or strengthen efforts to help first-generation students succeed in college through first-generation programs on their campuses. Beyond their own campus programs, these institutions have worked together to learn from each other and serve as models for other colleges and universities. The CIC/Walmart College Success Awards program included two three-day conferences for the selected institutions on July 19–21, 2009, and July 17–19, 2011, in Washington, DC.

2014 CIC/Walmart Foundation Symposium on First-Generation College Students

The CIC/Walmart Foundation Symposium on First-Generation College Students was the culmination of this multi-year project.  Representatives of the 50 CIC/Walmart College Success Award institutions shared what they have learned about retaining and graduating first-generation students with faculty and staff members from other CIC colleges and universities. The Symposium was held in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 7–9, 2014.


 For College Success Award Recipients

CIC/Walmart College Success Award institutions have access to a community site for sharing materials and information.​


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