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Scholarship Challenge Grants Benefit CIC Institutions

“Our college presidents are telling us that securing more scholarship funding is one of their most pressing priorities, but raising new money for scholarships, particularly from new donors, is a major challenge in today’s philanthropic world,” assessed Jack Jones, president of the Iowa College Foundation, one of CIC’s State Fund Members. “That’s one reason that CIC’s Scholarship Challenge Grant program has proven to be so valuable.”

Designed to generate “new and additional” gifts and grants for scholarships, the CIC program provides at least four Challenge Grants to State Fund Members each year. To receive the grants, these consortial fundraising associations must first raise at least the challenge amount in additional gifts and grants for student scholarships at their member colleges. The program has generated $1.5 million in scholarship support during its first four years and has tangibly expanded the ongoing donor base for participating State Fund Members.

After a selection committee reviewed the proposals for the 2015–2016 academic year, CIC offered Scholarship Challenge Grants to five State Fund Members:
  • Associated Colleges of Illinois;
  • Independent College Fund of Maryland;
  • Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas Foundation;
  • Michigan Colleges Alliance; and
  • Minnesota Private College Fund.
“It’s rewarding to see these State Fund Members take the lead in meeting their colleges’ need for scholarships by raising corporate and foundation funding that would unlikely be available to the institutions otherwise,” said Richard Ekman, president of CIC. “This is an important issue for member institutions, so it’s encouraging that the challenge grant approach has proven so successful.”

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