• National Venture Fund Grants Awarded

    ​CIC recently awarded $70,500 to support collaborative programs to benefit member colleges and the students they serve in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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  • Capacity Building Grants Awarded

    ​The Council of Independent Colleges announced that $5,000 capacity building grants to enhance or expand capacity to raise money to support their programs and member colleges were awarded to State Funds in Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia.

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  • First Opportunity Partner Grants Awarded

    ​CIC recently awarded $125,000 to fund college access and success programs for first-generation, low-income, minority, and new American students in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia.

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Recently merged into CIC, the Foundation for Independent Higher Education (FIHE) was established in 1958 as the national partner for a network of state-based consortial fundraising associations. These 32 associations, now State Fund Members of CIC, generate financial resources for, and coordinate beneficial collaborative programs among, member independent colleges and universities in their respective states.
Continuing the historical mission of FIHE, CIC provides member services for the State Fund Members, including conferences and other organizational and professional development opportunities. In addition, the State Fund Members are eligible for grant support from CIC from the $35 million endowment that FIHE brought with it to the merger. Known now as the CIC-FIHE Endowment, the fund originated with gifts from the UPS Foundation over 25 years ago, so among the signature grant programs benefitting State Fund Members is a scholarship program honoring UPS:
  • UPS Scholarship Program - Provides over $1 million each year in scholarship support for students at State Funds' member colleges.
  • National Venture Fund - Supports innovative, collaborative projects benefitting State Funds' member colleges.
  • First Opportunity Partners Fund - Supports initiatives to enhance access and success for low-income, minority, first-generation, and new American students.
  • Capacity Building Grants - Provide seed money for State Funds to develop or enhance their regional fundraising initiatives.
  • Scholarship Challenge Grants - Provide leverage for the State Funds to raise additional money for scholarships at their member colleges.
The member services provided to State Fund Members have expanded greatly as a result of the affiliation with CIC. Among the long-standing CIC programs now available to state executives for organizational and professional development are:
  • Presidents Institute - The premiere annual national conference for college presidents and other leaders in independent higher education.
  • Making the Case - Charts, data, and other resources on the strength and value of independent higher education.
  • Foundation Conversation - The annual meeting between executives of major private foundations and leaders in the private college sector.